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This school is about these concepts:

  • Community

  • Life Long Learning

  • Empowerment

  • Making a difference = "we're not a sausage factory"

  • Achievement

Room 14's Blogspot

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What were your first impressions? What were you looking forward to?

  • I was keen to hear how the vision development had been built upon and this I found inspirational. The depth the school has gained from the initial start is really driving the learning within the school. This was evident in all classes visited, children were able to articulate the identified aspects of life long learning and community

  • School was very similar to Lynmore with the exception of the "co-constructed, shared' vision. It was evident 'time' had been given to developing this co-operatively. Within classrooms children were confident to 'share & teach' their use of on line tools - mind mapping - - time line - dipity.

  • Management had really focussed on the 'learning' and ensuring the whole staff had a voice and shared in the vision. They gave 'time' to unpacking their core values bringing to a working model for teachers to use within classrooms. They realised that they had to unpack in stages as they understand it is an evolving process. Their school seemed to be about empowering learning and empowering their teachers to develop learning with support.

  • School similar to Lynmore, same size, same decile. They have a young and vibrant leadership. The process that they had gone through to create their school vision was very inspiring. The vision was shared not only within the school environment but with the wider community. It was impressive the way the children could talk about the life long learning process in depth, not only recalling qualities of life long learning but demonstrated an ability to discuss them in depth.

  • Their focus is on the children's learning. Seeing a school of similar size and decile as our school and just coming from a decile 1a

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What did you find surprising? What discoveries did you make?

  • This was a three and a half year journey towards a vision for learning. It involved All Staff, BoT, PArents and community.

  • Questions were asked about what was meant by Life Long learning. A video of a child's answer showed a deep understanding of this concept.

  • The visual media used to promote the Vision included a poster, home reader, magnets. The words were made into a sentence. A heart was added which engaged the emotion. A visual metaphor showed the distinct richness that is Red BEach and deepened ownership, impacting particularly for juniors, and the slecial need students.

  • The Vision functioned as a filter. It is identified and held highly within the application process for new staff.

  • Assited the school to ficus on leanring and not behaviour.

  • I loved the way Mrs Smith and Hannah empowered our group to utilise the richness available in voice thread.

  • I found one new web 2 tool that my kids could use - which is an online mind mapping tool as well as gaining insight on how anothe tool maybe used to develop learning within the oral language strand.

  • The Inquiry Model: Inner Circle: Refelct / Dialogue / Question Outer Circle: Get It / Sort It / Use It

  • I hadn't realised RBS had a Special Unit. Bob would have loved the light area!

  • Was this contrived session for our benefit in the suite or was it more that the teachers were keen to express their keeness to share? How many teachers are onboard and own the vision?

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What was notable? What connected to your "learning" passions?

  • The shared vision of this school which included the community.

  • The importance of building up the literacy skills in the junior school.

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What would you like to find out more about? What goals do you have now?

  • To challenge my students more.

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What difference will this visit make? What are you going ot follow up on?


These questions and more can be answered on the Discussion page behind this one.