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RE Maungawhau:
Words that came to our minds over lunch -

  • Veronica - Unity
  • Robyn - Maps
  • Cara - Calm, Positive, Risktaking
  • Joan - Inviting
  • Penny - High Expectations, Extensions
  • Tracy - Learner Independence
  • Lorraine P - Multicultural
  • Lorraine (me) The Learning Heart


School visits and Professional Development needs to be seen as an investment into your and your students' learning.

Please upload any feedback, presentations or follow up activity which illustrates the soundenss of this investment.

i.e. The So What? "How Has this trip made a difference to you or those around you?"

Has your investment and that of your school, your class and your cluster been worthwhile, a sound investment?

If so, please share the why and how.

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Pretrip: To find out more about SOLO Taxonomy:


From Lynmore After School on Wednesday: 3.30pm

To Meet at Lynmore. We will be travelling in convoy in Lynmore's van (Thanks Penny for volunterring as driver) with 4 in Lorraine's car.

Staying at:

Mt Eden Motel, Balmoral Road

09-638 7187

Thursday's Visits:

9am to 11am- Maungawhau School DP: Olwen Blain

12.30 to 3.30 - Waikowhai School Principal: Fintan Kelly

Return to Rotorua:

ETA: 7.30pm

(Tea/Debrief on the way home)

Travelling Team:

From Lynmore: Cara, Penny, Joan and Andrea
From Owhata: Robyn, Carole, Emma, Tracy, Lorraine P, Veronica
From Rotokawa: Sue


  • Breakfast: I will be taking cereal, muffins, eggs and fruit for breakfast. We can gather in one of the units to share this. If you prefer an alternative please let me know.
  • Don't forget your cameras.
  • Please add your questions, what you want to see and find out to the discussion page behind this one. (You will need to have joined this wiki to do this - See left hand Navigation Bar link).